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::31.8.04:: Enroled.

I sent my voting enrolement form off today. Woohoo! Now I can start thinking about important election issues - like which polling booth has the best cake stall/ sausage sizzle.



I'm with you on that. We're looking for a polling booth with a sausage sizzle too!



Maybe the people handing out the 'how to vote' cards should team up with the sausage sizzle and give us some 'how to vote' sausages... or, in the case of the Greens, tofu burgers... with Vote 1 Fred Smith in tomato sauce across the top.



But the next question is: Does one vote before, or after having a sausage?

Or does one have two, for good luck?



It's a hard call.. if you get one before then you have to take it in to the polling booth with you and risk dripping tomato sauce on the voting form, but if you wait until after then ... well you have to wait. Of course you could get it before and eat it before going in but then are a sitting duck for all the ppl with the how to vote cards.


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