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::9.8.04:: I love my neighbourhood

When I first moved to this house, after the honeymoon period was over, I realised I hate living in Footscray. I lived to move. Mostly I wanted to move back to St Kilda. After a year of living in Yarraville, the trauma of living in a 'gentrified' area was dimming and I could only remember the good times, totally forgetting most of the good times happening in venues that are now closed or from which I am banned for life. Cos a banning is for life, not just for Christmas you know.

But just lately I've been getting this feeling. I tried to deny it at first, but those little tentrils of feeling wrapped themselves around my heart, like a triffid squeezing the life force out of it's victim. Now I will say it openly. I love Footscray.

I love shopping at Footscray plaza, hunting through the discount underwear racks (no other K-Mart seems to have the discount underwear rack like my K-Mart has), buying cheap spring rolls and admiring the view from the top storey of the car park. I love the Vietnamese bakery that makes the best salad rolls in the world and brilliant green and blue striped jellies. I love my gym just down the street. I love the downmarket cafes and the little discount stores and the chicken shop man. I love my Pho resturant and the deranged bustle of the Footscray market. I love living 10 minutes drive from the city. I love Forges with their co-joined stores and cheap roast dinners. I love Footscray Mall with its cheap electrical stores and African cafes and junkies shooting up (ok, maybe I don't really love the junkies, or the people having knife fights). I love the reassuring rumble of the 3.00am freight train. I love the Japanese cafe opposite centrelink and the hairdresser where I get $13 haircuts. I love drag racing P platers along Footscray Rd. I love my nearby discount meat outlet and the cafe/florist and walking down to the swimming pool on hot Summer nights with my towel over my shoulder. I love bitch sessions with strangers at the train station about yet another cancelled train and domestic dramas to break the boredom of the journey.

Footscray -- what's not to love.



You didn't mention SAVERS!

But well done, well said. You should be pleased.

No Yuppie suburb is ever dynamic. West Footscray is going yuppie, but central Footscray will always be interesting; good value.

And if you love it, that's good. The nice thing about animals and places is they'll always love you back.



Footscray has always been a fave. I grew up in the area and Saturday mornings were spent in Footscray. There was a big old Coles (when Coles was a variety store) across from where the big Coles supermarket and the Forges stores are now. They turned it into a megaplaza and it's still only half full.
That Coles variety store had a little cafe upstairs and I can remember visiting it with my Mum on many a Saturday morn. And on school hols, my Nana and I would shop, then stop for lunch there.
Footscray - tis brill. Glad you love it too!



As a long term Western Suburbs gal, I too love Footscray. Forges is the best! BUT - I can't believe you did a whole post about all the great things in Footscray and forgot the jam donut van at Footscray station. They are actually better than the Vic Market jam donuts. Mmmm, donuts...



I'm not a fan of the donut to be honest.



I admire you for that because there is not an ounce of goodness in them! :)


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