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::8.8.04:: Real Life

People will always tell you to live in the real world, to get real, to face up to reality. I don't know why reality is supposedly so shit hot, you know. What is reality anyway?

Reality is working 5 days a week in a shitty job, earning only enough so you have to play creditor musical chairs on payday. Reality is spending your lunch hour in a bank queue; washing the dishes and sweeping the floor; getting drunk and getting hungover; hunting through the bargain rack at K-Mart for new underwear. Reality is knowing the car needs to be serviced but the rent has to be paid first. It's waking up to the alarm and wishing you could sleep for another half hour, runing out of shampoo, traffic jams, turning up to work late, forgetting your lunch.

To me reality is a lot like Tasmania -- the scenery can be lovely at times and the food isn't bad, but ultimately it's cold and awfully mundane.

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