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Recently, after a few conversations with friends and co-workers, I've realised there is a disturbing trend happening in our society. Did you realise there are people out there that get next to no childcare subsidies from the government?

These people, poor souls, have to struggle along on joint incomes of $100,000+ and still have to pay almost full price for little Cynthia or Travis's creche fees. With expenses like that, some are even thinking of trading in the second beamer on something more economical. Now I don't know about you, but I am fully prepared to have the taxes on my minimum wage salary increased to help compensate them.

In some cases, the problem is so bad that they have had to put non-European appliances in the renovation of their inner-city terrace houses. God help us, yes. A General Electic fridge.

It isn't just the creche fees either. Some of them don't even get family payment from the government. They have to make do without that $20 a week while us poor people loll around in luxury. I know when I got family payment for Andrew I often spent the whole week at a day spa, having facials and eating souffles on that tasty little perk. Why, the French champagne just didn't stop flowing. I almost bathed in the stuff.

And, to make matters wore, I've even heard of evil childcare centres where they won't take babies under a week old. Yes, you heard me right. They actually expect you to expel the placenta and have your epidural wear off before you go back to work. Hell and damnation, who wants to spend time bonding with their child when there's work to be done. It isn't like there's not a good fifteen minutes or so of quality time you can schedule in between meetings for all that 'play with baby' stuff.

It's evil, it's wrong and it can't go on any longer. I'm off to write my MP and I suggest you do too.

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