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Sometimes, when my sister lived in Melbourne, we would just jump in the car and drive to Torquay. When we got there we'd turn around and drive back without even getting out of the car because it wasn't the destination that was important. It could have been Geelong or Ballarat or Phillip Island, it was all the same to us.

Tonight I wish my sister was here, that we were in the car and driving and singing to the Chisels. Laughing about the time when my sister used to sing crying like a referee.

It's no fun driving on your own.



The week is supposed to begin on Sunday, but really it starts on Monday. Sundays are often depressing, I'm not sure why. Things will be better tomorrow. And I'm not presuming to be wise, just speaking from my own experience.



The trip up the Great Ocean road is just great. I used to pack myself and my dog into the car and just go. Quite often on a Saturday arvo, then drive straight back home and crash from tiredness. Lorne was usually my destination, but I agree that it wasn't the 'being there', it was in the 'getting there'. Brilliant memories.

You're bringing back so many memories for me of late!


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