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Who can believe it is August already? When did that happen? Scary shit.

You know, despite the fact that I love nothing better than talking about myself, I am finding it painfully excuriating to write a 200 word bio. Words are not my friends tonight.

Yesterday I went to my writer's group and we did a stream of consciousness writing exercise. Last night I had a dinner party and one of my friends read the story I wrote as a result of that while another friend acted it out. It was pretty much hilarious. I don't know what my consciousness was streaming but eating puppies was like a central motif in the work.

Both Rae and Ren have posted stuff lately about how mean and inconsiderate people can be. It made me think of an incident a few weeks ago. I was running late for work (as usual) and was stuck in my dead-end street because a car had broken down at the intersection. For a couple of minutes I sat, punching the steering wheel and cursing him out. Then it dawned on me that I was being a prize bitch. This poor guy was trying to push his broken down car on his own while I sat there in his way fuming. I backed my car out of the way then got out and helped him push. Man, I can be a nasty bit of work sometimes.

Talking of neighbours, I was at the supermarket on Friday night and a woman walked up to me and said -- hi, I'm your neighbour. I live across the street from you. You used to have a little, bouncy dog. Then she walked off. Andrew and I just stood there with looks of what the fuck on our faces. I have never seen or spoken to this woman before but it is nice to know that over six months after Geronimo has moved to her new home people still remember her (and probably bitch about her too).

What else is happening in my world? Work, bills, eating too much and exercising too little. I met up with David from metal city for coffee last Saturday. He is a really cool guy (and if he says differently on his site then he is lying).

And that is it from me tonight. Must stop procrastinating. Must write bio.

Amended to say -- David isn't just cool but also a sexy hunk o' manmeat!









And I'm sexy, too!



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