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::29.8.04:: Stupid me...

I heard recently that the laws about elections had been changed, that you had to be enroled to vote when the election was called. In the past there was a few weeks grace period to enrole.

So now an election has been called and I'm not enrolled to vote. I kept meaning to do it but just kept putting it off. I am mad at myself for that.

You might be asking yourself, if you are aware of my mature years, why I'm not enroled. Well I'm glad you asked that. At the time of the last federal election I was going to be overseas so I rang and asked for one of those postal vote forms. It seems they sent me the wrong form and think that I'm permanently overseas now. At the last state election I wasn't on the roll so they told me to re-enrole. Yeah I'm slack, I know.

Now Andrew keeps telling me that John Howard will prolly win the election by one vote. If that happens I'm burning myself at the stake.



In his press conference Little John said the rolls will close on Sept 7 so it's not too late head on down to the post office.




but is he telling the truth this time?



Finding some who's never told lies is rather difficult. The worst lies are always other people's



Greetings. Well (may I say) you are the only 'blogger' I have left. Boo-hoo. Yes. That's right. Seems I have offended the sensibilities of aspiring Cinderellas. Bureaucrats. Who shine through - as bureaucrats. A profoundly discontented lot. Yes indeed. Dopes, who imagine that rude words will win them the Nobel Prize. Or at least some love - from someone. Mostly, they're women. And women appear to be reaching middle-age much younger nowadays. Sorrow and sex-obsession are landing on them much earlier; in their 20's. But these are swots, of course: heads-down-do-what-you're-told middle classes. The working classes will never change. Never become politically correct. Common sense saves them from all that.

Well, when I'm dismissed from here by your honourable self I shall cease altogether as a blog reply person. And so, expecting this event to be imminent, I say: good luck, and good tidings. Nothing changes. Not really. Words change their meanings, that's all, and describe the same old thing. Some words are more than the common folk can afford nowadays. But 'Hallelujah' will never change; never cost a cent. Hallelujah is a word thar will outlive everyone.



R.H. It is now my ambition in life to write as odd blog replies as you do good sir.



You'll never achieve it; try something else.

Blogging is a swearathon, that's all. A contest to see who can say fuck the most. I could do better than any of you; I was raised in it - raised in the gutter. I got out, found better words. Meanwhile, educated people - people I've always admired - have put themselves in the gutter, on fifty thousand a year. They'll never get out.



Well now, that's it. I've gone to far now; declared war. My final comment then, here it is: See who's right.

(You know I am.)



no ur not



RH and you wonder why you;ve been banned........and the gutter you shall remain.



They're saying on JJJ this morning that you've got until this friday to enrol, so RUN! RUN TO THE POST OFFICE NOW!




Oh Kathryn, I will be most peeved if he does win by one vote and you didn't vote! :)



Rae.. think the chances of the Libs winning a seat in the Western suburbs is about as high as the Bulldogs winning the flag... so my vote isn't going to matter that much but still like to have my say.



Wait a minute... Are you saying that the Dogs are unlikely to win a Flag? :-)




I wasn't banned. Not from anywhere. I left. And pardon this, because I'm reluctant to sling off at people who were born a bit funny; but if I'd fallen out of a pimp's arse as you did, I'd go anonymous too.



No slag fights in my comments.. take it outside!


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