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::9.9.04:: Bloody Whingers!

Man, I am so sick of all these bloody Pink Lungs and their frigging whinging. I got an earful of it at work today... boohoohoo.. poor little passive smokers. One girl was bitching because she wanted to sit outside at a cafe and the whole outdoor area was full of smokers. Yeah, my heart bleeds over that. Who are the ones that forced smokers outside in the first place? Bloody Pink Lungs, that's who! Us poor smokers have to sit outside no matter what the weather so don't come crying to us when it's nice and sunny and you have to sit inside. Suck it up.

Then they were on about pubs, cos if you haven't seen the ads, these poor people go get jobs in pubs then, after they start working they find out - shock, horror - people smoke in pubs. Who'd have thought?

Think about this.. if people wanted to go to non-smoking pubs then someone would open one and everyone would go there and then other pub owners would do the same. It's called market forces. And if that's what people want then it will happen of it's own accord. There's no need to legislate for it.

And *sob* people smoke on train stations... how annoying. Man, if some cigarette smoke on an open air platform was the worst thing I had to deal with when catching public transport then I'd be happy. But, you know, a little smoke is so much worse than being accosted by a urine-soaked bag person, so much worse than being rolled for all your possessions, so much worse than having some moron playing the Backstreet Boys on full volume on their music player.

The latest is smoking bans on beaches. Because cigarette butts are litter. Never mind the coke cans and the chip packets and the used condoms and syringes. Never mind the arse holes that left a barbecue chicken carcass on the dog beach at Altona. No, those things are perfectly OK, but cigarette butts are evil and bad and must be destroyed. I am perfectly for stopping litter on our beaches but ban all litter not just cigarettes; or ban all eating and drinking activities too and damn well police it.

I don't know why these people have to bitch so much about people smoking OUTSIDE the workplace. I have to put up with their NOVA radio playing, their tuna at their desk eating, their football discussions and their frigging ceaseless whining about smokers.

One day I'm going to start my own country and it is going to be called Kathryn's Land of Smoke Where Ever You Want! It will be compulsory to smoke. People will smoke everywhere. Cigarette packets will carry warnings like .. "Smoking Makes You Happy" and "Smoking Makes You Look Cool".

I love smoking.

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