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::27.9.04:: Miscellaneous

Lustre - my uber-erotica publication of much sizzling hotness - has been nominated for an Australian Adult Industry Award for best Adult Web Site. And YOU can vote for it! How cool is that?

I met with Agent FareEvader tonight whilst being delicately probed on SYN FM. It is the first time I've met someone from the Wonderful World of Online without actually organising to meet them first. I'd like to think he recognised me because my scintillating on air repartee matched the sparkling prose I post... but somehow I don't think that was the case.

Thirdly and lastly, if you want to get a copy of my zine, as seen in the last post, then email me or leave a comment. It is the sad and poignant (and maybe a little funny) story of my time in the internet date world. Some of the stuff is from online but it is far more naughty! Hey, you think I'm going to post the rude bits here for the world to see.

Fourthly, and definitely lastly, since I'm going to Newcastle on Wednesday I probably won't be posting here for a week or so. Although a week without internet will see me on the skids. By Friday or so, the Novacastrians will more than likely see a sadder, wretcher me in some back alley gutter panhandling for Internet Cafe time.



I've voted! Lustre is the finest in internet smut!

Newcastle. I am so nervous.



Why do you publish anonymous comments? Even the worldly and generous South Yarra Steve won't do that.



Fantastic! I'd love a copy.
Have a great time! Will be good to hear your travel tales when you return.



That's great - you got nominated. Hope you win!


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