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::18.9.04:: My life is a vale of tears!

This week I had an interview for a job and I thought I did alright. I thought that I was suitable impressive and skilled up and charismatic and all that good stuff. Yesterday the guy from the agency called. I hadn't even made the short list to send to the client. What the fuck is with that? It wasn't even a great job.

I applied for another job this week. Again something that I could do with my hands tied behind my back. They sent me an email to say they didn't want to 'proceed with my application'. Not even a scum-sucking agency interview.

I think I should just give up the whole search for a permanent job and stick with temp work. I think I'm aiming too high, that the grandeur of paid holidays and sick leave is outside my reach.

I'm just feeling so blah lately, like all of life has lost its sparkle. And now I'm listening to Bon Jovi. I don't even like Bon Jovi. I've never liked them.



Turn that Bon Jovi song off, oh please, life isn't that bad???

In any case, the times when I did land the jobs I went for, I wasn't really all that fussed whether I got them or not. There was this one place I tried to get in to several times. I was interviewed by the same bloke each time and he didn't remember me (or maybe he did!)

Good luck finding something decent. It is nice when you get paid holiday and sick leave, those things are so handy.



I've just had a think, and I'm pleased to say I can't remember the lyrics or tune to a single Bon Jovi song. How lucky am I? (No, please don't remind me of any.)


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