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::12.9.04:: My litte boy is growing up....

Andrew's formal is on Friday. Back in my day, we had our Formal (which was known as a "Leavers' Dinners") after exams - damn crazy kids today.

Andrew had this grand plan of hiring a suit and stuff like that. Of course he didn't bother sharing this plan with me. After all, I'm just his mother, I don't need to know about these things.

Then I found out how expensive suit hire is! Yikes.

Because we are never that financially fluid, our first stop was the good ole Footscray Savers. Now I have no idea about men's clothing sizes whatsoever so I picked up a jacket and told Andrew to try it for size. It fit him perfectly and was a great dinner jacket for the bargain basement price of $12.50. Next we looked at shirts and did well there too -- a classic Van Hausen white shirt for $6 that looks like it's never been worn.

We didn't do so well on the pants at Savers though -- I guess if you have a decent pair of black pants you just don't throw them out. And the selection of ties was less than ideal.

We checked K-Mart for pants and got a pair there then scabbed a tie off friends.

Because the whole world of ties is new to us, I got my friend's to pre-tie it for him. They were showing him single knots and double knots and the whole works. It was just like being in an episode of Queer Eye.

So we figured it was all sorted. Until I looked at Andrew's feet. I don't think his white runners are going to really go with the outfit.



Shoes are the biggest bargain at Savers, most are under ten dollars, and some top brands too; from Italy and the UK. I've grabbed about twelve pair so far (no kidding,
enough to dance me through my next life.



I don't know.. clothes from Savers are ok but I tend to draw the line at preloved shoes. Just the thought of someone else's sweaty feet being in them.



Savers customers have an open mind on matters. They're a very practical mob. As a young adult I owned one pair of shoes and two or three pairs of socks - for years! Now I've got twelve pairs of shoes and about thirty pairs of socks - all from Savers! Some of it has been removed from corpses. Yes, but what should I care? I can laugh, I've never been so well off!


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