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::22.9.04:: Paris....

In this month's Cleo or Cosmo or one of those magazines, you get a free excerpt from Paris Hilton's new book -- that Paris, is there anything she can't do (that's a rhetorical question because I've yet to see the video).

Paris gives many tips for how to survive being a heiress, cos you know, it's so hard. Models and other celebs can be all scungy but a heiress must always have perfect hair. That's just one of the gems from this book.

Bellies can be just as sexy as legs and boobs - that's another one.

And there's plenty more where that came from.

But you what, before Paris, heiresses and socialites found it hard to become models. For some reason designers just didn't want them to model their clothes. Then Paris came along and changed all that. The girl truly is a pioneer...making the world a better place for heiresses and socialites.



It's a hard life she leads, isn't it? I mean having money doesn't make everything easier, but it sure lessens one of the struggles in life.



Paris Hilton is my idol. She is certainly the most intelligent, deep, modest, loving celebrity I have ever heard about.
I heard a quote from her saying to Joan Collins
"If I could read a book, I would read yours" GOLD!



Yeah I heard that quote somewhere... it's comedy gold :)



I love Paris Hilton, she makes me feel better about myself.


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