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::21.9.04:: A Plan

I have a plan at the moment. My plan is to work my guts out for the next 6 months and get all my bills paid, then to get a part time job and work full time at writing without this horrible, horrible tangle of debt around me.

In six months time Andrew will be truly settled into uni or whatever his life plans are and I will be free to do what I want. If I don't have these financial obligations to tie me done that is.

It isn't as exciting or thrilling as my orginal plan, which was to move to Japan and teach English for a year once Andrew left school but I really don't feel that I can do that at the moment. Maybe once the Novel is finished.

So, what is the most money I can make that doesn't involve blowing strangers?



Blowing friends.

.. wait, what?



you could always work for six months pay of the debt then move to japan where you could write your novel about having no money and trying to survive japan. then you at least get your to do your 'original plan'

just a thought.

B @ beeep.net


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