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::4.9.04:: Spring

I love Spring. The tight buds on my peach tree explode in to flower like intense pink popcorn kernels. The violets peek their cheeky purple heads over the leaves. The hard tips of tulips thrust through the warm earth.

Today I dug up some of the violets to replant in old wasabi pea tins on the kitchen window sill, picked some nasturiums to put in old bottles from those Italian juices and arranged the gorgeous bunch of white freesias a friend gave me last night. Now it's Spring inside and out.



Spring. Oh golly. Savers Springtime Sale. T-shirts $1.99. Shorts $3.99. Socks 65 cents. And over the road, The Dancing Dog Cafe, nature strip covered in sand. 'Footscray beach' they're calling it.
Savers Springtime Sale. Wedding dresses $24.95. Divorce outfits: overstocked.
tweet tweet. -Hello birdy.



Freesia's are my favourite :)


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