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::8.9.04:: Universe

I've often heard people talk about "putting things out into the universe" and waiting for the universe to provide. Of course these are usually the same people who swear by Julia Cameron's Artist Way book and have Magic Happens! stickers on their cars.

But in the interests of scientific research and desperation cos my contract is up at the end of the month, I thought I'd try this. So Universe, this is what I desire:

I would really like a part time job of around 30 hours/ 4 days a week in the administration/IT fields. Something that is moderately challenging and interesting, but not so challenging that it saps my energy. Maybe with a project management component or a bit of programming? I would prefer something around the CBD or inner West that is either close to public transport or has onsite parking -- 20 minutes maximum travelling time is best. And I want to get at least $20 an hour, but would settle for less if it was permanent and I got holidays and sick leave and all those good things.

Well now it's out there. I just have to trust in the Universe and maybe the Seek website too.



There's an admin job at the City of Brimbank. Only 18 hrs per week, but it's a permanent part time one.

Link - http://www.brimbank.vic.gov.au/Activity/Activity_Item.asp?Activity_Id=205&FilesExist=True&h=-1

If that's no good, I wish you the best in finding something that is!



Sounds good. Thanks for the lead :)



Here's the shitty, put down, attack on people comment deleted by Miss Rae:

"No. Not quite."

That's it. Pretty horrible, eh?

But never mind, South Yarra Steve's my boy now. I'm tired of housewives.




Hello again.

Miss K.


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