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::22.10.04:: Growing Up

One day you are holding a new born baby in your arms and someone older and wise will say, "Make the most of it. They grow up so fast." Believe me, they will always say that. And you wonder what the hell they mean when every single night of sleeplessness and screaming stretches into eternity and you pace the floor, mumbling the mantra this has to stop some time, this has to stop some time.

Then, only moments later, you are having a morning of decadent laziness and it dawns on you, it's your baby's last day of school. Ever. And you wonder where the years went. There is a whole pack of them you can't quite recall.

Your memories seem to crystalise at a point about 10 years ago - with images of a cheeky, stubborn, iron-willed boy perpetually in a fireman's helmet and pyjamas making you breakfast in bed with inch-thick vegemite on toast.

Once you worried that you weren't a "real" mother like all the others, that you were pretending like playing "house" as a child. You thought that one day it would all snap into place, this motherhood thing, and you'd have it figured out. It never happened. You can't remember ever feeling like a mother, just a friend, or an enemy or an ATM machine at times. Never like a Mother.

As a wise man once said:

In an mmm bop they're gone.
In an mmm bop they're not there.



It's amazing isn't it? Mine is only 8, but she's going to be driving soon and wanting to go out with girlfriends, and woebetide! boyfriends!

Oh dear.... makes me want a hug from her.



Don't despair! If you're REALLY lucky, you'll get to be like MY mother and continue looking after your young one well into his late twenties!

It's not over yet!




that's touching.
scary for someone who hasnt't done it too!
did you see that piece in the age about the 54 year old woman out in wyndham vale or someehwere who desperately ewanted kids and went on ivf and now has a 10 year old kid? i lvoed the pic of th ekid in full communion regalia and earrings - i bet her ears were pierced two hours after birth! i chuckled- it was such a 1960s/70s southern european disapora thing to do to your kids.



Rae.. Andrew's too big to hug now :(

David .. Andrew's too big to live at home :)

Mallrat... I hope you mean she went on IVF 10 years ago, not that she had some freaky overbaked gestation period.



I don't have kids, but when my 43-year old brother came over last Sunday, my mother rang him up to tell him he'd better get his washing off the line...



Hey doll, you just get old. It'll happen anyway.



just cleaned up some tuna sick from Jr. He'll be one soon.
In a blink, I'll be cleaning up vomit again when he comes home drunk.



ahhhh just one less I have to take to school then, and the youngest one starts school next year! oh funtimes!

Love the new layout btw!


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