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::10.10.04:: Movies and Election

Last night I met up with the very lovely Rae to escape the election coverage and have some relaxation time.

We ended up at the Nova watching an Australian move, Somersault. I didn't know much about the film before I saw, having only heard an interview with Decoder Ring about the soundtrack.

Somersault is the story of Heidi, a girl who is at times foolishly naive, at others self-centred and conniving but mostly apathetic. She is fucked by a string of strangers, expecting them to love her and look after her in return.

Foolishly, she believes their promises, thinks that they care for her.

As Heidi continually gets screwed and screwed over, you think she'd learn. Oh, she becomes wiser, but instead of changing her behaviour, she accepts their bullshit with a disinterested ennui. She is passive and dazed, more interested in the minutiae of her environment than helping herself.

I got home from the movies to catch the end of the election coverage and discovered that the Australian public aren't so different to Heidi. But Heidi found redemption at the end of the movie. I don't that is going to happen to Australia.



Those dirty rotten Liberals! No sooner they get elected than we cop a heat wave! Interest rates will be next. Bastards, can't trust 'em!



I think even if Tony Abbott was leading the Libs, they still would have got back in - it's the mortgage belt that decided this one. *sigh*

Can't wait for interest rates to go up, then what will Howard say? "It's nothing to do with me"?



Darlings, I stopped voting for the ALP when it surrendered to the cafe latte set. It's a Party with no backbone at all. Even a fairyland group like Family First was able to seduce it. What a disaster.
As leaders, Crean and Beazley were finally considered too soft, and so they went right the other way - choosing Latham, a bloke with eyes like an angry gorilla, and who on one occasion just stopped short of grabbing Howard in a headlock.
They've no idea at all. No will. No leadership. They're a joke, that's all.



Hey Kathryn
Was a good night. We should have opted for a more "upbeat and happy" film! Never mind. Next time, eh?



My prediction for the future -- interest rates will go sky high and we'll have all this "middle" Australians who have got in over their heads with easy access mortgages crying out for subsidies. Like they expected the interest rates to stay rock bottom for the life of their loan. Would it be wrong to start saving now so as to snap up some cheap rental properties in the future?

RH... I'm not pro-Labour, just anti-Liberal.

Rae... it was a fun night... :)


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