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::4.10.04:: My Trip to Newcastle

I think the thing I'll remember most when I think back on my trip to Newie is lazing back on the sprawling balcony of the Lucky Country with Dave and Tim, drinking cheap cask wine and talking shit into the wee hours of the morning.

Other good shit included:

* eating pies at Harry's Cafe de Wheels - oh my god, they were good.

* sharing the gift of me on several panels.

* battling the elements on our quest for the mythical Bogan's Way (hey, it was on the map in the festival program). Dave and I valiantly fought the gale force winds along the Newcastle foreshore because we had to get a photo of that sign but couldn't find it anywhere. We later found out that the road referred to as Bogan's Way is not actually known as that officially.

* meeting lots of interesting people around the pubs.


* finding out this morning that there were fuck all airport buses due to the public holiday then spending 15 minutes on the main street without spotting a single taxi.

* being ripped off by the cab driver on the way in from the airport.

* not getting to drink at the Star Hotel.



did you manage to sell all your zines? cause if you didn't i would like to buy one : ) please?

B @ beeep.net


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