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::24.10.04:: Wacky Hi-jinx

It has come to my attention that some folk, when having an evening on the town, have their enjoyment spoilt by a feeling of ennui - the same old situations, same old faces.

I guess I'm lucky. See I have a couple of pals, lets call them T & S, who can be relied on to stimulate any social situation. Their secret is simple yet breathtakingly effective. Instead of leaving their bickering and domestic arguments to the privacy of their own home, they store it all for a public airing. No greivance is too petty or ancient to used as dinner conversation. Why hide that dirty laundry in shame when you can freely distribute it?

Nothing bets the unpredictable thrill of an upturned table or a disturbed meal when an unweighed word sets the avalanche of repressed bile in motion. Why, sometimes we hardly manage to get through an entree without tears and recriminations.

If that doesn't ensure a sparkling evening, there is always the possiblity of a theatrical exit with the side dishes of deep talk on footpaths outside, followed by a souffle of emotionally charged air.

As well as providing light entertainment, these public displays mean that we never have to exert ourselves to provide tidbits about our own lives or doings. We never have to worry that a nasty spotlight might be turned on us. We barely have to bother with conversation at all.

Oh, how I pity people without such amusing friends.



Wow, what great friends you have.

Believe me, you're in for some real treats. She'll leave him soon, and turn up on your doorstep. Then they'll get back together. Then she'll leave him again. This could go on for months, possibly years!

Lucky you!

Bonus five million karmic kredits for not slipping arsenic into their soup.



Public stoushes occurred quite regularly between me and my famous wife. And they were no fun, I can tell you! Unplanned, all of them. And unwelcome too - except to lonely bums hoping to pick up the pieces. Her pieces, of course.



I know we're talking different continents here, but I'm just sure I used to work for this couple...they used to bring their arguments to work with them too - resulting in a very unconventional management style.


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