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::18.11.04:: A Few Things

1.How dodgy is Ebay? Very dodgy, I'd say. A while back my cousin was having trouble with people hacking into her Ebay account but I didn't take it too seriously because she isn't the brightest person when it comes to computer-y things. Now someone's done it to me. I got an email saying my "auction" has been cancelled. I thought it was a hoax but thought I'd follow it up. I forwarded it on to spoof @ ebay with a few juvenile giggles.

I got a response today saying it was genuine. No suggestions for future action, just an email saying it was genuine.

2. Why do chicks wear those wide-net style fishnets? You may as well cut open a couple of orange bags and put them on your legs. Personally I don't want something that has the implications of lumpy, dimpled contents on my legs.

3. Yesterday I saw the most stunning woman. She was like a force of nature, leaving a trail of salivating tongues in her wake. I'm not talking just pretty or attractive here. She was stunning in all sense of the word - the kind of beauty that you might see maybe half a dozen times in your life and you can't help but stare.
Thinking about it later, I decided that in many ways that kind of beauty is a handicap, as isolating as being breathtakingly ugly or severely deformed.



When people rave about film and TV stars I often say that I see better looking women in the street. And I do. But there's a woman I've seen a few times at Camberwell trash market who seems ordinary, and extraordinary, at the same time. I have never been so shocked by any female. Everything goes out of my mind. I stare at her, then keep circling for another look. Meanwhile, I'm astonished that everyone else isn't doing likewise.
She's at least thirty, I think, and has a fluffed up hairdo with a large ribbon in it. Her face is made up as if for the stage. And that's where she should be, nowhere else. I'm flattened. In total surrender. She's just outrageously beautiful.



Tell me you did the pie thing...



that kind of beauty is a handicapHmmm. Was sitting on the train yesterday and a gorgeous, gorgeous girl got on. She had on a pair of sunglasses and was smiling and looked very, very cool.

First thing I noticed about her: her ample cleavage, nearly bursting out of the button-on shirt she had on.

Second thing I noticed: she was missing her left arm.

And it's funny, this combination of beauty and disability absolutely fascinated me...


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