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::8.11.04:: It's All About Me

...even more than usual.

1. To promote the next issue of Lustre, plus raise a few dollar and have some fun, we are putting on a night of erotic readings - Carnivale of the Sexuale. Go here to find out more.

2. Exciting news for me. Go here to find out more.

3. I might be going on a holiday to Thailand.



Well done on the news! And a holiday! That's fantastic. So deserving too. Fabbo!



Well after reading your exciting news I was moved to take a squiz at the lovely Desdemona's website. And oh boy, it's pretty damn hot. Just for a lark I read the winning entry in the EXOTIC SHORT STORY CONTEST (something called Temporary, by something called Tulsa Brown). I was impressed. So impressed that I took up the invite to email the author with my comments. Here's what I said:

"Years ago I read Carter Brown. His stuff was stupid, but it wasn't corny. Yours is both."

Well I expected to get hell back for that. But I didn't, here's what I got:

Thanks for the chuckle, Robert.

I'm speechless.



Gee RH... that must have been an anticlimax for you.. he he he.



Yes, well, I didn't get what I expected, if that's what you mean. She had a laugh. But why not? Mills and Boone authors do the same thing. If they didn't they'd burst into tears.


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