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::19.11.04:: Learning The Hard Way

As I was getting home from work last night, Andrew and his friend returned from the chicken shop with a big serve of chips and gravy each. Now did they decide that since I had NO chips and gravy and they had ALL the chips and gravy that they would share? Phht. The greedy little buggers scoffed the lot except for a few crumbs they begrudgingly handed over. Well Andrew's friend wasn't too bad, what are you going to do when you are at a friend's house and their mum is demanding chips.

So, today I'm not working and Andrew is sound asleep. In a minute, I'm going to drive up to Tony's Pies who make the best pies ever and get myself some lunch. Mmmm, cauliflower and cheese roll and maybe a potato pie too. Then I'm going to sit on the end of Andrew's bed and waft the pie under his nose.

When he wakes up, his mouth filled with pie-craving drool, and asks for a bite I will run away and not give him one little bit.

Maybe that's childish and petty but he has to learn from his mistakes.

On a completely different note, does anyone know of any school holiday work going? Some kind of entry level menial labour?



Seeing as it's illegal and all that to whack them with a rolling pin, I reckon your punishment is justice well served.



It's illegal to hit them with the rolling pin? Damn.


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