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::18.11.04:: A Postscript to the Post Below:

Proof that guys just don't get it - single, straight guy and I have been chatting for a while and he asks to see some of my writing so I oblige. He reads it and sends me an msn message saying "different" - his quote marks, not mine - then goes offline.

I was not happy so I blocked him both online and from my life.

Today, several weeks later, I get an email asking why I haven't spoken to him in a while.

What the fuck is with that? Should I keep ignoring him or send a reply telling him to get a goddamn clue?



Oh boy. i'm not the one to ask: i'd do the latter. not fait ot give your writing to someone only to get "different" (still, crtiiquing friends' work is bloody hard - online of offline friends)
Looking forward to the 2nd at bar open. but maybe on a great road triup to the little desert. we shall see. come visit. i'm back online. will blogroll you in a sec.



When it comes to women's writing I'm a total fraud, my critiques are always in proportion to their looks. Some get enormous raves. However, upon retiring to discuss it further, they often give my night's performance a most unkind critique. Well, there's ingratitude for you!



"my critiques are always in proportion to their looks"


Tell him to get a clue.


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