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::30.11.04:: Strange

I posted a new entry this morning. It was up on my page. I saw it with my own two eyes. But now it's disappeared into some kind of magically Blogger wonderland. Scary stuff indeed.

Tonight I uploaded the new issue of Lustre filled with bumper erotic goodness.



I saw it too!



Me three. It had one of the best typos I've ever seen, only I couldn't comment on it at the time (more weird-ass blogger shenanigans). Something about 'scaring men out of a room by talking about Thrust.'



Then your car keys went missing, then panties from the clothes line.

.... mmmm.



Thanks guys. Nice to know I'm not going la-la.

And thank you especially Tim. That error could have passed unnoticed if you hadn't pointed it out. Maybe you should add some fancy neon lighting just in case someone missed it.

And CCR.. I was wondering what happened to those knickers....



You mean like this?No problem!



What's happened? Where's twinkle-toes? I can't get to the bottom half of comments on the woes thread, can't read my funny poem. What's happened? Where's twinkle-toes: judge judy?



Miss O'Halloran, I shouldn't have to tell you this, but you will always be my number six girl. The other five are inflatables, yes, but I've known them a long time.
See you tonight babe, for an evening of sex, literature and intrigue (my kind of action). I'll be bringing two of my inflatables. Will they be charged admission? If so, I'll only blow them up when I get inside. Saves paying for two extra seats, you know. Not that I'm mean, mind you, but I do admire common sense.



The comments are still there and I look forward to seeing you and your inflatable friends tonights - so nice to know you take them out occasionally and don't just treat them as sex objects.



Just read the latest issue from start to finish (it's lovely taking a sickie to do naughty stuff like that). Awesome, ezine. Loved it! I wish I could pop over to Fitzroy tonight.


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