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::5.11.04:: Sucks

Tonight I watched Inside Idol, big mistake I know, and they had that crying kid on again.

For those of you who live in blissful ignorance of Idol happenings, here's the back story:

This kid of around 3 or 4 years old chucked a big, sooky tantrum when his Idol fave, Marty (freaky enough in his own right), got voted off the show. Instead of realising that maybe they have a problem on their hands and reducing the kid's hours of telly watching, the parents grabbed a video camera and filmed their weeping son then sent it to the Idol producers.

Every time I watch this footage, I feel sick to my stomach. The whole thing reeks of exploitation - firstly by the parents then by the Idol producers.

You can't tell me the parents didn't send the tape in realising that in a weepy, Current Affair-esque moment Marty and a film crew would come to visit.

Remember, the son is freaking out and they are filming it. I mean it would be fair enough it was to embarass him at 21st birthdays and other moments of his adult life but not to send into Channel 10.

What sort of message is this giving the child? Giving children watching the show?

And why put this on tv? I guess you can't accuse the Idol crew of being on the side of class and appropriate behaviour, but still you need to draw the line somewhere. And the line should have been way before crying kids.

If it had been Andrew at the same age, I doubt I'd be letting him watch Idol to begin with and, if he'd stacked on some kinda hissy fit because at contestant got voted off, I'd have bitch-slapped him and told him to grow up. Well maybe not, but I'd have had a serious talk to him and instilled a healthy dose of cynicism into his toddler heart.

Think it's time to head to the Idol boards..... oh and here's the official version of the story.



The problem is the show is marketed at the teenage girl demographic. "Awwww! Little kid crying! So cute! He lubs Marty!"

Just like it would be cute to have a flamboyant Carson from Queer Eye because he likes shopping as much as me!

Idol wouldn't last without these little quirky fillers to keep the audience hooked.



I only saw part of the Marty meet-up bit, on the ad, but did the kid's Dad have a bald head too? If so, let's wonder why the kid "Idol"ised Marty!



According to the official story it was making a video to help him cope with the news.

Because when he breaks his leg, he's gonna want his screams and tears recorded for the joy of all. When he breaks up with his first girlfriend, he'll want the whole humiliating moment captured on video by his loving, caring parents.

Jaysis Cristos. And I thought the Truman Show wasn't real.


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