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::22.11.04:: A Whirlwind Tour of My Weekend

I watched three movies on the weekend - The Manson Family, Bad to the Bone and Auto Focus. The common thread between the three being sex but not good, fun sex. Sex used scary and manipulative ways. Still I would recommend The Manson Family and Auto Focus, as for Bad to the Bone, well have you ever started watching a late night movie on telly? You know, the kind of thing that is so awful that you can't help but keep watching? Yeah that kind of movie.

For most of Saturday, I help a friend sort out pieces and patterns for a quilt he's making me. Because we started from the centre and he sewed it together as we selected the layout, it took over 12 hours (with food and movie breaks in between). The quilt ended up being 11 x 11 squares. We started with the first 3 x 3 square for the centre and that was fun. By the time we got to the outside rows it was hell. Imagine playing some kind of insane tetris type game where the patterns cannot touch so you have to keep rearranging squares. But every single square seems to have the same green stripe pattern. Arrggh! That night I had squares floating in front of my eyes as I tried to sleep.

On Sunday I had an Australian Idol party. I made all kinds of Australian Idol related food so most of it was very cheesy. We started with little boys (frankfurters, if you aren't familiar with the term) and ended with melons.

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