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::8.12.04:: Carnivale online

If you missed out on the fun of the Carnivale last week, then you can check it out here. Especially good if you have a high speed internet connection (I don't).



hey kathryn - well done, great coverage! congratulations :o)



I saw you last night on the PC! Well done! Looks like you had a good night.



That was unreal! Congrats, Kathryn!



Yes, it was good. But that bloke dressed like a stockbroker was way off beam. His idea of being his girl's brothel client is a very old plot. I saw it in a movie on SBS, years ago.



Well glad it went swimmingly. wish i could have been there. have another one soon, Jazzy....
btw, did you write to good weekend last week about your lifelong interest in porn, ending the letter with *lascivious wink*?


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