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::29.12.04:: Good news and a funny story

I am getting paid tomorrow. Woohoo. Finally, something is going right. Then I have two days work next week and some longer term work starting on the 12th. It is going to take me a while to get back on track as far as bills and rent and stuff but at least I will have some money coming in.

I feel so much happier today, like a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders -- damn, why couldn't it have been from my fat gut -- and am actually motivated to do stuff now. When you have days and days of no work stretching into eternity, it is hard to feel the need to do stuff. I thrive on deadlines (it must be true, it says so in my job apps).

Ok, now the funny story.

Last night, I visited some friends. They were showing me their Christmas gifts and S handed me this pen someone gave him. Thinking that it was a kinda crappy present and wondering why he bothered to show me, I pretended to be interested enough to click down the end. Zap. It was a joke pen with an electric charge on the end. Ha ha very funny.

So then I said I wanted another look and S stupidly handed the pen back to me then, realising his stupidity, went tearing through the house so I couldn't zap him back. He ran in the bathroom and locked the door but smashed his knee into something in the process and is still limping today.

Then I turned my zappiness on T; he ran off and kicked his toe on their brick door stop. Woohoo... the magic of the pen.

I was quite amused by the whole thing then hide the pen in the pocket of my hoodie but told them I'd left it on the microwave. Fools. In the midst of Will and Grace hilarity, I got S on the hand. Three to me, one to them.

Later, we grabbed T since he was yet to be zapped. Spooky thing was that the zapping didn't work on T. He is so non-corporeal. One of the zaps did go right through him and get me though. Damn it.

I was going to take the pen home so I could trick Andrew but then realised I'd just be handing him a weapon he could use against me.

S was getting ready for bed as I was leaving and the temptation to zap him on the penis was strong. Then I realised I'd have to SEE his penis to zap him. Sometimes it's good to keep a little mystery between friends.



Yay for getting paid and more work. Now you can start saving up for an iPod.


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