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::29.12.04:: I hate you all.

I'm going to stop reading other people's blogs and here's why...

It looks like every single blog has a list of the last 10 songs listened to on their IPODS! Bastards. Rubbing their ipod-owning in everyone's faces.

Does everyone in the world but me have an ipod? I think so. I could have got an ipod for Christmas but instead chose to get cash since I needed to pay for a few pesky things like food and shit like that.

Oh well, I don't want one now anyway. They are far too common.



Hubbs got himself an ipod and I never get to play with it. :-(



I don't have one either. We are both iPod-less. So umm yeah world, see if I care either. Didn't want one anyway.



I don't have an ipod either. Tony has one and loves it, but I don't see that I'd ever use it, so until they are as common and cheap as one of those tape headphone sets, I know I won't get one.
One day Kathryn, they'll be as cheap as anything and we'll all be wanting something else, eh? Then again, maybe not!



I got a minidisc last year - beat that. that's about to become obsolete.
some weird viral marketing thang happened with ipod this summer that i don't quite understand.



Yeah! Who needs 'em! (*lying sob*)



I've got absolutely no need for an iPod, don't really listen to music except at work when trying to drown out classroom sounds, or at home when trying to mask interesting sounds when there are other people in the house. If I ever get one, you can have it at a discount price.



Does it not count as shoving it in your face, if i dont list my songs? (and instead, just toss over it in every post?:P)

two unrealated facts:

Everyone in blogland has one

Every nerd has one.



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