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::31.12.04:: The Instantly Likeable Couple

Has it ever happened to you? Do you have a person/people in your circle of friends that everyone thinks is the bee's knees, the cat's pyjamas, while you are left standing, scratching your head, wondering just why?

That's the Instantly Likeable Couple. On first meeting the ILC, people always gush and declare - "Aren't they lovely?" every single time, without fail. I just don't get it. I mean he's a nice enough bloke, easy to talk to and down to earth but nothing to set the world on fire; as for Ms ILC - she's about as sincere as a hooker's orgasm. Ms ILC bounces around like a puppy with a smirky, self-satisfied grin on her face. She never says anything interesting except by accident yet somehow seems to win the hearts of all that meet her.

Even scarier, I went to Ms ILC's birthday party and ALL her close friends look exactly like her. What's with that? It was like that movie. You know the one. Is it Children of the Corn? Village of the Damned? Village of the Damned Corn? Whatever. It's just freaky, ok.

I don't know if it is just me being a bitter old cow or whether I'm seeing something here that no one else does. But somehow the magic of the ILC is lost on me.



Tee hee....

This is me. I bring this side of my personality out when I'm at a party full of strangers/work function for Hubbs.

You know how I do it? I smile a lot and tell women I really like their shoes/hair/blouse/jewellery.
Compliments work a treat. I just smile at the blokes and don't say anything, just act like I'm listening.

I don't offer any opinions on anything. Opinions polarise people.

My standard response is "that's interesting/that's funny/oh look, there's more food coming..."

Try it. It works a treat.



What? Why mean my "I hate everyone and want everyone dead" persona doesn't attract people? Hot damn.



It's the lemmings mentality. Or is that sheep? Whatever, pick whichever animal that mindlessly follows others that suits your fancy. No one likes to be different, so her friends all look the same 'cos they'd ostracise the one that dared change (and probably pick it's eyes out). In the same way, no one wants to be the one that thinks Mr and Mrs ILC aren't hot shit, for fear of appearing nasty. Whatever you do, DON'T have a mind of your own.



They're Stepford couples


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