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::18.12.04:: It All Sucks

Have you ever had a snowball of sucking come into your life? It travels along, gathering force until it turns into a motherfucking suck-a-rama avalanche.

Apart from not working for 3 days last week, I probably will be missing out on the 4 days work I was expecting next week. But wait, there's more, I'm not even sure I'll get paid for the last 2 weeks of work. And the reason is that I have been in the midst of a sinister plot, the pawn in someone's dodgy game. Working for someone who is doing the dirty on the boss. Getting me to work for company X, charging company Y and then charging company X as well. Nice going if you get away with it.

I find out on Monday what the upshot of all this is.

One of the most bugfull things about this all is that I've been telling my agency on various occasions that I am working at 2 companies and now they are shitty because I didn't tell them.

It's a very tangled sucking mess and I hope I get out of it alive.



good luck with it tomorrow K-oh! I'm sending you happy good cashish vibes. And a hallmark card, since yours was so perfect...

Good luck with your pay, laddy.
Dodgy workplaces suck
Why don't you get a Sugar Daddy
And tell your Boss to go get...




Easy for me to say I suppose, but don't let the bastards get you down!
Good luck for tomorrow - hope the agency find you something better.


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