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::5.12.04:: Lazy

The plan was to get this house into some kind of habitable condition this weekend but I hadn't counted on my inherent laziness. Somehow housework pales into insignificance along side scintillatingly entertaining activities such as laying on the couch staring into space.

Maybe later, I'll do something. Maybe.

Maybe first I'll have a nap.



Hi (there). Yesterday was my birthday. I stared into space a bit longer than usual. My wonderment hasn't changed since I was six years old.



RH, who the hell cares if it's your birthday? This isn't your blog.



Oh, come on anonymous. I know I want to hear that it's R.H's birthday. It amuses me to know that he's another 12 months closer to death.



Two Anonymouses - it's getting a bit confusing. Sort of like an episode of 'Bloggers in Pajamas':

A.2.: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, A1?"

A.1.: "I think I am, A2 - it's SNARKING-TIME!"

P.S. - Do Anonymouses squeak like normal mice?



Give it a go! How could they be mice when they both own cats?

HELLO DARLINGS. (I think they're in love with me.)



Wrong. I own no cat.

Or a dog.

Or a mouse.




If you don't own a mouse, how do you use your computer???

Do you do it the old fashioned way, with a steering wheel or something?



Answer the question.


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