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::12.12.04:: More Christmas

Just say you are someone, say an eccentric millionaire, who was browsing my site and read the post below and your heart broke into tiny pieces at the hardship of my life. Just say because of that you wanted to buy me an extra special present, for Christmas to renew my faith, or just for a special thank you for being you present. That could be difficult cos you know I'm a stranger and you wouldn't want me thinking you were a freaky stalker or anything. But not any more. Now I've made it easy for you, because I care. I really do.

In one simple step :: click here

If that doesn't work just go to wishlist, then registry then type in "jazzyhands".

Of course, somethings aren't on there. Like, say Ipods. But if you really, really insisted on giving me an Ipod*, you could email me and I'd tell you my address. I wouldn't care that you were a stalker. I'd even leave my bedroom curtains just a little bit open.

* this offer is subject to reasonable proof that the Ipod offer was genuine and with the disclaimer that all non-genuine Ipod offerers maybe subject to testiclar amputation.



You need an iPod NOW. Don't wait till chrissie! (for more obsessive 'pod rants, see my blog over the last week :P)

It will change your life and make it happy. So, so happy.



If I sent you my old walkman would that open your curtains? Just a few centimetres? With my nose against the glass, that's all I'd need.



A walkman...phhtt ... what kind of cheap slut do you think I am?

On second thoughts, don't answer that.


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