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::20.12.04:: A Question of Morality

Do long should you be at work before taking a smoko/coffee break?

I would say an hour. But then what if you start work late. Say if you start work at 11.00, and your break falls within the 12-2 lunch hour window, then do you forego your break and just take a late lunch or do you have a break and take an even longer lunch? Or take a late-ish lunch but have 2 breaks during the afternoon to make up for it?

Do other people worry about this kind of shit or is it just me?



Your boss does. "Miss O'Halloran, after carefully monitoring your activities, I have noticed that you take an average of two-and-a-half cigarette breaks, one toilet break, and one-point-three break-associated activities per day. Assuming that each break conforms to the Standard Break Time laid out in the Worker Legislation of 19--, you take a mean of 20 minutes off work every day.

This is cutting into the Productivity and Efficiency of your work, and I must hereby ask you to re-schedule your break time until after work."



See, I didn't used to worry about it. The frequency of smokos was directly related to how my day was going. The worse the day, the more I felt like "Ah get stuffed, I'm off for a smoke". But now I read that post, you've got me all self conscious!



Tim, that is scary. Have you met my ex-boss?



In one job I used to work at, we had to fill in time sheets to account for out time - but we were expected to be productive for only 6 hours per day. the rest of the time was tea breaks, "bonding", and getting stuff from the stationery cupboard.



Haven't met your old boss, but I do spend an inordinate amount of time at my work either procrastinating on the net or worrying about how my procrastinating on the net is going to affect me.


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