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::29.12.04:: Shame

I did something today that I am most embarassed about. I was overcome with a moment of weakness, possessed by something stronger than myself.

Standing in the checkout queue at Coles, I flicked through some of those women's magazines to kill time. I always flick through them but never buy them having no interest in the latest state of affairs for Nicole Kidman or Renee Zellwegger.

Anyway, on the cover of New Idea was a headline about Sarah Marie (remember her, the chick from Big Bother with the bunny ears) and her 20 kilo weight loss. For some reason, instead of reading the article in line then putting the mag back on the shelf, I decided I had to buy it and read it.

What does this mean? Am I turning into one of those women's magazine reading chicks? What next? Women's Weekly? That's Life? I don't buy these magazines and I don't care about that shit. The only magazine I ever buy is Dolly. Dolly rocks. It has cool quizes (except you have to substitute "work" for "school" sometimes) and exceedingly bad poetry and stuff about babelicious boyz. Dolly is fun and amusing. Articles on Princess Diana aren't. 101 Meatloaf recipes aren't. The best and worst dressed of 2004 aren't. Ok I lie. Everyone loves the best and worst dressed lists, especially the worst dressed list (Courtney Love and Shannon Doughety again).

So lets just pretend this never happened I'll go back to my regular (women's magazine free) life and you go on with yours. But watch out Sarah Marie if you're in the check out line.



You shouldn't be ashamed of reading mind-candy like that - EVERYONE reads that shit. It's just unusual to catch yourself paying money for it.



I read them in the line as well. Basically beacuse there's an average of like ONE thing I want to read. The rest is usually crap :)

Don't be embarrassed, we have all bought trash mags occasionally - it's KNOWING that's what they are thats important :P



I bought a copy of That's Life a few months ago. It was for the crosswords, I tell you. The CROSSWORDS!



I usually read that stuff in line. I dunno why I felt the need to pay for it since the stories are generally a 2 minute read.

And Tim, yeah I believe that. It so wasn't for the "I married my own stepmother and found out she was my daughter" story on the cover... right.


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