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::23.12.04:: A Solution

I've worked out the ideal way out of all my troubles.

Step 1. Kill all my friends that are bugging me.

Step 2. Get caught and go to jail.

Jail has many advantages, like free rent and board, permanent work, time to study. There are some things I still have to investigate though, like if you get internet access in jail and shit like that.

I also need a place to kill cos if I do it at home I'll never get my bond back.

Woohoo... best I go listen to some Nick Cave for inspiration.



When I read that second last paragraph I gave a little jump. Then I realised I was amused (A rare occurrence).

Good luck with your writing.

I can't think of any more to say.

Well, how odd.




Hey, that's been one of my dreams for years now. Except for the part about killing my friends. That's a bit difficult when you don't have any.

There's something romantic about the cell. A meal passed regularly through the bars. An old dude wheeling a trolley full of books past every morning. The wheels squeaking, and his arthritic joints cracking. A cot, a desk, a pad, a pen, and a cold steel loo without a seat.

Although I'm not too fond of the shower scene and the fat Biker called "Bubba". But maybe we could edit that bit out?



Hey, the getting of regular sex is one of the greater parts of the plan.

I am also thinking it is easier to get a publishing contract if you have done time.



Well, I'm reading a bio on Jean Genet right now and it sure helped him.


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