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::16.12.04:: Up Shit Creek

Three days off work this week. Three days without pay. If some huge bird that shits out $100 notes doesn't come flying over my house soon, I might be living in my car and eating out of dumpsters.

Sucks to be me, doesn't it?

On top of that, all my friends are being weird and defective lately. I have no idea what's going on there. Maybe you can get Norton's Antivirus for friends? I think they are all bugging and shit.

Well except for The Iceman, providing much needed hilarity on Brunswick Street last night.



I think tis the season for it. People go weird this time of year. They either feel surly that they aren't going to a lot of festive-type gatherings, or swamped by too many offers. Plus, there's shopping, and lack of $ due to alcohol and taxis... tis a crazywacky time.

Thank god I thrive on chaos-in-spoonfuls :P



I just wish my landlord thrived on chaos... *sob*


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