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::30.12.04:: Woohoo!

I got my back pay today. The wolf isn't panting so heavily at the door.

There is only one tiny dilemma. What do I pay first?

Imagine that you get up all sleepy-eyed and pop your bread in the toaster. It pops up all nice and brown and crispy, just the way you like it. You spread a nice layer of butter over the top and it sinks into the bread just right. This is killer toast.

Then you reach for the Vegemite jar and, to your dismay, it is almost empty. You run your knife along the top ridge to get that last little bit out, running it flat with the top of the jar so you lever it in there. You do your best but when you finish you only have the slightest black smear on your knife.

You look at your toast and back at the knife. You curse your excessive Vegemite usage in times of abundance. It's decision time.

Do you confine yourself to one corner of the toast - giving yourself the optimum Vegemite/toast ratio for just one small section, savouring that one corner and leaving the rest of the toast bare?

Or do you give both slices of toasty bread the thinnest covering of Vegemite so that both slices are inadequately covered? You get to eat the lot but it is a much less satisfying experience.

It is indeed one of life's quandaries. Of course, you could always take your Vegemite and splurge the lot on a fabulous pair of shoes at the post-Christmas sales. OK, maybe not.



Now thats funny ! I love it.


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