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::30.1.05:: Blocked

I think I have blogger's block. Over the last couple of days I've been thinking that I need to update but, as I trawl through the back waters of my mind, I find nothing. A big, fat blank.

You would think there would something, some funny little incident or social outrage but no.

I've tried to post a few times about my issues with Telstra but, as Violet suggested, there seems to be some big conspiracy happening cos my posts keep getting lost. Not that I'm paranoid or anything.

So, nice weather we've been having, huh?



Gardening tips and recipes pull me through the lean patches...
Posting ads for stupid products, bitching about politics, bitching about stupid people in the news... oh hang on, I do that every day.

BTW, have I made you paranoid about Telstra? Eh-xell-hent, my work here is done :-)



Sorry, that was you, not Violet. Oops. I get my lovely readers confused cos you are all so grand.



And there I was thinking I must've started blog-commenting in my sleep...

Have you tried trawling for interesting quizzes, or listing 100 interesting things about yourself?



Has andrew moved out yet? What's up with the living sitch @ the mo, etc, are always good reads...


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