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::12.1.05:: It Hurts

I went to the beach yesterday and I slipped, slopped, slapped like a slip, slop and slapping bastard. I put on SPF30+. I couldn't have been more protected. So why I am like a frigging lobster two minutes before eating time today?

We went to Port Melbourne beach, the gay end. Why is that the older queens get, the smaller the togs?

The weather was stinking hot, the water was freezing cold and the wind was damn annoying. My entire body was sandblasted.

One of the old queens, that forsook his bathers altogether (and somehow that was less offensive than the skimpy g-strings) went into the water hung like a horse and came out hung like a hampster - that's how cold the water was.

Apart from that, we had a good day.



and that's why i always stay outta the sun. my deathly palour is important to me.



I think G-strings look horrid, especially on men. They also feel like you have a permenant wedgie up your bum.



Having a flash back to that moment in Seinfeld, where George is trying to explain 'shrinkage'

Hope you're not too sore today. Sleeping on sunburn sure does hurt,



Cop onto R.H.'s queen experience (Nicky's thoughts).

Nicky thoughts are naughty, but she's earned the right.


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