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::6.1.05:: Johnny Depp

I just went to see Finding Neverland. I highly recommend it, especially if you like a bit of sap. Take tissues.

But this isn't a movie review, this is far more serious. See, in the middle of the movie I was struck by a thought. If I could marry Johnny Depp in one of his movie roles, which one would I marry?

Finding Neverland Johnny would have to be up there. He is hot (der) and lovely and has the best accent. And he makes up wonderful stories.

But then there's Jack Sparrow Johnny. Sexy, funny and swashbuckling but just a tiny bit gay. And Edward Scissorhands Johnny, sweet but not too comfortable in intimate situations.

Benny and Joon Johnny - again hot and sweet and sexy or the sensitive broodiness of What's Eating Gilbert Grape Johnny or the young sexiness of 21 Jump Street Johnny.

Sure it's a hard decision. I might have to ponder this for quite some time.



Nothing to ponder here - I would take Johnny any damn way I could have him. Literally :P



I think Johnny was pretty sexy in Chocolat, too.



You guys, wait till you see his new one, the Libertine.

As part of Boyfriend's unbelievable cool job, he's working on post production on it, and has shown me some shots from it.

Hot. DAMN.



Wake up! These dummies don't exist. Except in your heads. Me and Between Coffees are fair dinkum heart throbs. Real life stick men!



Now, don't say yes right away, but how about Johnny in his role as Hunter S Thompson?


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