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::19.1.05:: Leaving Home

Andrew and his mates are going off house hunting next week. They seem to have it all sorted. I guess teaching him how to make a brick and plank bookcase at age 5 prepared him for moving out (as well as giving him some heavy hints).

Anyway I thinking tonight, while I will miss him I guess, there are some read advantages to this:

1. I can buy expensive shampoo and conditioner.

2. Buy food, put it in the fridge and it's still there when I go back later. I can actually see me buying like a tub of icecream and opening the freezer on the hour to check it is still intact, until the novelty wears off. Then, months later, going to eat it and realising Andrew has been to visit.

3. Being able to change my internet home page from Penny Arcade.

4. Being able to use the computer when I want.

5. Having a clean house.

6. Cooking food I like with no consideration for Mr Meat and Potatoes.

The disadvantages include:

1. Having to run my own errands.

2. Having to tune the TV myself.

3. Not having his happy chortling face around.

4. No bad puns.

It's funny. Once I'd have said being able to bring random strangers home for hot, kinky sex. Now I'm older and wiser. Now I go to their place.

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