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::8.1.05:: Lost of Innocence

There comes a stage in every child's life where they learn that the world isn't such a friendly place, that people can be dishonest and manipulative, that sometimes businesses will blatantly lie just to get your money.

I call this the Sea Monkey stage.

Do you remember the ads for Sea Monkeys that used to run in comics? They probably still do, it's been years since I read about the adventures of Archie and Jughead (well two years to be honest). There was the king sea monkey in his Sea Monkey king crown and other Sea Monkeys frolicking and playing Sea Monkey games. They were the coolest thing ever. I thought I'd never get bored if only I had some sea monkeys of my own. I could train them to do amazing tricks and be entertained by their shennanigans.

Ever time I'd get a new comic book, I'd start - Mum, mum, can I get some sea monkeys?

And she'd be like - No you can't. I've told you a million times, you have to send to America for those things. You can't get them in Australia. Now shut up and clean your room.

You have to remember that this was back in the old, old days. We didn't even have credit cards, let alone stuff like the internet and ebay. Scary, but true.

Then, one magical day, we were at the market were someone was selling - you guessed it - Sea Monkeys.

We took them home and waited for them to grow. This was the most exciting moment of my life up to then. Well, except for when I got the ride on tractor when I was 2 and then broke my leg, but that's another story.

I waited and I waited. But there was no Sea Monkey king and they was no blonde haired Sea Monkey lasses playing hula hoop. There was nothing but some specs floating in the water.

Part of me died that day.

I guess you can't go through life believing in stuff like Sea Monkeys otherwise you'd fall for every scam going. Maybe I should have nagged for that Betty Crocker easy bake oven instead.

Meanwhile, here's a link to some Sea Monkey poetry.



I never got the sea monkeys either....Im kinda glad now..



I remember my brother sending away for sea monkeys, which of course didn't turn into anything alive at all. I later read somewhere that they were supposed to be brown shrimp or something.



i was one of those kids.. archie and jughead held the promise of seamonkey-royalty. it took till 1996, when i got my own sea monkeys, to realise they were not the same as the pics... but right now there's a kylie special on rage, gotta go! 'especially for you' is on! woohoo!!
p.s. i still wanna taste real hostess cupcakes & twinkees



Twinkies are defintiely worth it. A friend used to send them over from the States, but I think you can get them here now.



Oh, I too had a similar disappointment! I thought the monkeys were going to wear make-up, like in the pictures. And have eyelashes and stuff. Instead they were just kind of mosquito larvae things, all backbone and feelers. Disgusting.


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