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::4.1.05:: Mysteriously

Once apon a time, I posted about my love of the eccentric identical twins who have been interviewed on A Current Affair on numerous occasions. I rarely watch ACA but if those twins are going to be on you can't get me away from the TV set. You could scream fire or shoe sale or free magaritas and I won't budge. They are the best.

Lately, they had been out of the public eye so long they were almost forgotten by their cult following (myself and my friend T) until I was walking along William Street. Who should I see walking toward me but the eccentric identical twins!!! I was in awe. I wanted to speak but couldn't. I waited until they had passed out of eyeshot before screaming then texted T to share my joy.



Did you catch the show 'That's Just Wrong Tv' on telly the other night? It was hosted by these identical twins, and was a really entertaining spin on the American freak-show concept you get occasionally. They had a segment on the world's oldest male stripper, plus heaps of other weird shit.



Damn... i missed it.



Found your blog via the link from the 2005 Australian Blog Awards page and have spent the morning reading it.

Thanks for a great read. I have bookmarked it and will most definitely be back.


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