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::23.1.05:: No Net

My internet hasn't been working all weekend so I'm at the library using the free internet computer. It is all very retro and '90s and stuff... except my sister isn't looking up Hanson while little kids laugh at her.

I am starting to think that I might be a bit of a net junkie. I had the shakes earlier and that isn't a good sign. I just sat in the chair, rocking and shaking and pulling my jacket around me....must have net...must have net.... then I remembered the library.

Got online, had NO emails waiting for me, nothing to really look up and not a great deal to say. Weird, isn't it.

Oh well, work tomorrow and free internet all day. Woohoo!



Yeh once my pc had a mega mean virus, and was out of action for 5 days!!!! I had savage withdrawels, I was on the verge of becoming homocidal. I had to up my medications just to cope!!! The flashbacks are bad enough....



When we went on holiday for two weeks I bought a notebook as a blog-substitute. We ended up looking for internet cafes every single day, to satisfy our relative fixes.


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