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::10.1.05:: Peachy Keen

A few years back I bought a miniature peach tree for the garden. This year for the first time it is actually bearing fruit. This is good because:

1. I get to eat extra yummy peaches that I've grown myself and picked fresh from the garden.

2. When people come to visit, I can show them the garden and ask, "how do you like my peaches?" in a disturbing lurid manner.

Now I must go to my dole seminar. I'm so excited. This is going to be the most fun ever.



Oh, and I have lots of gardening tips for getting extra juicy peaches next year!



Hey Kathryn,
my estranged is a Centrelink Mananger. Be careful, they ALWAYS try to fuck u!!
lol, no seriously, just play dumb..."I no speaka da engleeesh"



And you no writa da engleeesh too!



And that's a joke. I'm only kidding.

All the same, I'll be in trouble now.

(It's easy to read a woman's mind - once you've upset her.)


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