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::1.1.05:: Random Thoughts - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly


The superstitious and the traditional amongst us often have a belief that the way you spend New Year's Eve sets the pattern for the year. I'm not sure if this is true because I have never spent an entire year of my life drunk and drug fucked in a gutter somewhere and, personally, I think this could be one of those things guys say to get laid because no one wants a year old sex drought.

But, if there is any truth in that belief, then this is going to be a great year. I had a quiet and unassuming New Year's Eve, not drunken revelleries or hazy adventures, just a lovely time in the company of one of the best friend's a girl can have. David not only kept me amused with witty banter and droll observations all evening, he also can to the rescue when I discovered my missing wallet. This bodes well for the new year indeed, well in terms of company to keep anyway...the forgotten wallet and the public transport stuff ups I can live without.

The Bad

The tsumani - 130,000 dead the last I heard - can anyone even begin to comprehend those figures? It is just overwhelming. There is really nothing I can say that hasn't been said already but, if you are thinking of donating money, then Intrepid Travel are having an appeal and are matching donations dollar for dollar.

The Ugly

Some time ago, my sister was telling me that two men that lived in a town near them had been murdered. Then, yesterday, she told me they have found the alleged murderers, one of them is someone we know. I don't understand it. How could anyone commit murder? Yes, I know I was raving about going on a killing spree a while back but I could no more do that than grow wings and fly.

I guess you can hear about these kind of things all the time on the news but it so rarely penetrates your mind that someone has purposely broken into another human beings house and taken their life. It is so horrible and so wrong. I just don't understand.



Well it sounds as though you had a lovely NYE. That's excellent!
The bad and the ugly bits? It's a sad and strange world we live in. One can accept a natural disaster killing people, regardless how sad and horrid it is (and how huge - I can't believe so many have died in this disaster) but in the case of murder, to me, this is a sadder event. Sadder and preventable event. I'm with you on wondering why some people think it's ok to do this. I would be ever mindful of firstly hurting someone to the point of killing them, and secondly of the family and loved ones this person would leave behind. I mean, I'd always put myself in their shoes and think how sad I would be if someone I loved was murdered. Some people just don't seem to have a conscience and that's a very sad thing.


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