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::17.1.05:: Uni Results

Andy gets his uni results tomorrow. I think I'm more anxious than he is. There are so many decisions I've been putting off until I know what he is doing this year. Well not many, but one. Like where to live. And that's a pretty major decision.

I hope he gets in somewhere. His ENTER score was pretty crap so I'm not sure if he will. The other alternative is a TAFE course. But then the other alternative is the second round and the third round. This is very annoying process.

The where-to-live question is a biggy at the moment. I really can't help paying the rent where I am. It is ridiculously high for me to pay on my one scummy income. I was working full time when I moved in and I had a dog so needed a yard and stuff. Now I have no dog and no job and I want to live somewhere that doesn't suck the cash out of me. Every month it is a major struggle to rake up the rent money. Nearly every month my agent tries to evict me.

If Andrew moves out then I am thinking of moving into a share house so I can pay little rent and have savings and all the other good stuff.

Hopefully it will all be resolved soon. Maybe I could do a midnight flit?



Geez...my Andy is starting high school this year - thats got me freaked out enough. I spose I'll be in your shoes in 6 years time. Good luck :)
Can you rent something way smaller, like a townhouse/unit type of thing?



Good luck with it. Gah, the results/uni selection process drags on.



Good luck; I'm sure things will work out soon enough. If Andy doesn't get into the course he wants, he can always get into another course for the first year and then switch over later. Unis can be fairly flexible that way.


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