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::4.2.05:: And...

Last night Andrew complained about how far it will be to travel from here to his Big School.


I can't believe that. There will be NO travelling from here to big school, I told him. There will be travelling from the house you share with your friends to big school.

Why does he say these things?



Hmmm... he's not yet looking and yet he's complaining about the travel distance... I think you are going to have to start packing or something to give him a bigger hint! :)



Sit him down and tell him, "Darling, I'm leaving you". :-)



Maybe he's saying it so you'll feel better about him deserting you...



Tell me he actually used the term 'Big School'. Hee!



Sorry, he didn't use the term Big School, I did.

I have told him that I'm moving out so there may be no home for him to live in soon. He laughs at me.


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