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::15.2.05:: Blahs

I've got the blahs big time at the moment. I had a whole $3 to my name today and had to buy my lunch becuase we had no bread. If my pay isn't in the bank tonight then I'll don't know how I'll get to work.

My contract for this job runs out on Friday. They have me down on a roster until the end of the month but somehow I don't think they are going to renew it. When you've worked as a temp for a while you come to recognise that chill in the air when your contract is up. In a way, in many ways actually, I'd be pleased but I really can't afford to be off work for even a day at the moment. It's difficult.

Today at work one of the managers came over to me and asked if we had an envelope sealing machine. I told her no so she asked how we sealed the envelopes. I told her to unfold the bottom flap because it was sticky. She was amazed. How does someone survive without knowing how to seal an envelope? How does someone get to earn more money than me, me the one that was supposed to have the golden future, without knowing how to seal a frigging envelope?


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